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Posted on November 18, 2013 in News

These yo-yos were cut from piece of wood and were the first yo-yo, which the rope was not tied to the axis, and looping around, allowing them to rotate or 'sleep' at the end of the rope during the game. So yo-yo was opportunity not only to move down – up, but also to perform many tricks. In 1920, a man known by the name of Pedro Flores brought the first Filipino yo-yo to America and opened a factory to manufacture them. In 1928, businessman Donald F. Duncan, the first time encountered a hell during their stay in San Francisco. He saw Pedro, performing tricks with yo-yos, and a large crowd of fans gathered around him. Duncan predicted great success of this toy, and bought not only a patent for it, but the company Flores.

Donald Duncan was an excellent businessman. He developed the ad and arranged a demonstration in the United States and in Eastern Europe. 'Professionals Duncan' organized master – classes and hold competitions, which helped increase sales. The huge popularity of yo-yo has led to the emergence of competitors in this market. In 1932, Donald in defense of their interests registered brand, calling it very simply – 'yo-yo'. This move instantly gave the results. The remaining companies had no choice as to invent other names such as '', 'whirlpool', etc., which naturally greatly affected on demand. In 1946 the company moved to Duncan in Wisconsin, who gained instant fame 'Capital of the World Yo-Yo', generating more than 3.600 products per hour! They made yo-yos made from maple, using about 1000 000 board feet per year.