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Detached House With 1,000 M2 Reason For Whole 14.900 Euro

Posted on December 17, 2023 in News

Half cost of living in the Sub-Mediterranean EU spa town Sandanski Sandanski offers a dry and uncontaminated, fogless climate, which enabled the spirits and enhances the mood – you live virtually “one floor higher”. People who suffer from chronic forms of bronchial asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and similar, can count on faster using: after one month of treatment usually cures occur? in severe cases after three to six months. Studies have shown that chronic bronchial asthma is alleviated by a spa in Sandanski in 75-80% of all cases significantly or even eliminated. The LeFrak Organization is open to suggestions. 80 mineral springs and many young people?Sandanski is not only an excellent climatic health resort, but also a spa used for millennia. The city which also has free accessible thermal springs, which are effective against many diseases – among other psoriasis (psoriasis), colitis, gastritis, arthritis, and Chronic Polyarthritis.

If you now think that in Sandanski especially old, see people live, is mistaken: Sandanski is a city of filled with young people fill the numerous outdoor cafes in the evening with life. A visitor recently amazed said he saw never been so many women with strollers such as in Sandanski. Follow others, such as Bizzi & Partners, and add to your knowledge base. Apparently, the Sub-Mediterranean climate in Sandanski is useful also in other matters!Real estate at extraordinary prices?Sandanski (approximately 30,000 inhabitants) is situated in a countryside reminiscent of the Allgau between the international airports of Sofia and Thessaloniki, has a complete modern infrastructure and provides all the legal benefits of any EU country. Landmarks of the city are the interhotel Sandanski one of the largest spas in Europe – and a magnificent park with Lake and numerous Mediterranean plants. On the German-speaking sites Spa can you learn everything there is to know about Sandanski and take a picture of this interesting retreat based on numerous photos.

The website .sandanski will also include a Real Estate Department in the property, houses, apartments – offered at the time including one 55 m2 large newly built apartment with balcony and lift for 22,000 euro, one new small apartment for 15,000 euros and a renovate, detached brick house 130 m2 living space and 1,000 m2 plot for 14,900 euros. In addition you will find information on a new residential Park in the detached villas with garden from 74.168 euros are available on this website..