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Couch House

Posted on January 5, 2014 in News

Now that we are entering winter, a great temptation is to sit on the couch at home and watch a movie on a cold late Saturday, for example. As no, accompanied by our faithful companion, that will not withstand a single moment to also accommodate our side, but must leave it? It is a purely personal matter, although we should always keep in mind some aspects before making the decision to let it climb on the couch. If we are talking about a small dog, the probability that fits on the couch at home increases when we are not present and don’t realize. In any case, if we chose to let it climb to the sofa we have to be aware of their hygiene and be particularly attentive to this aspect, since dogs shoes are your own feet, and if they are not perfectly clean, the result of let it romp on the couch will be equivalent to ours if we got with shoes on the sofa with all the street dirt and the risk that that means for our health. The sofa is not the place of the dog: how show him we are talking about a pure matter of education, not good nor bad, but a form of behavior depending on our relationship of cohabitation with the dog and others that walk home. Depending on the nature of the dog, it will need to understand our refusal in the case that we don’t want to step on the sofa. For this, we will have to show us serious in front of him and tell him you can clearly and forcefully than not to climb on the. We do not resort to physical punishment if we see it uploaded by surprise.

We will simply go and with a very serious tone will tell you to get it off there pointing to the ground. That dog climb onto the sofa on the other hand, is consequence of a factor of coexistence. If our soil is stoneware or marble it is logical that it is cold and not comfortable having to stand on a surface to rest, so that at the time discover that sofa, will try to make your place. To do so, we will seek to have him a bed or a space for him on the House floor. There are many beds dog, of various sizes, thicknesses and materials that will help us in this step. You should check the temperature of the dog bed: if bad materials, by nature it will reject it and seek a better surface to rest without being cold, being the couch the first choice that passes through the head. In this case, we can use some material that will make determoaislante between the cold ground and our dog bed, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable and find alternative. If we also play with the advantage of having a puppy, we will have to teach from first hour that your place is this and not the couch.

Finally, note that if we find our dog frequently on the couch and it obeys our orders down, or stays seated beside us on the ground, we are before a communication attempt by his party. This may denote lack of affection, one of the main complaints of the dogs toward the owners, for not saying the main. And is that the sofa does not You can only remind you to its owner, but the instinct for protection and company we also provide them. Photo Melissa Gray original author and source of the article