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Cork Coverings

Posted on September 22, 2011 in News

Cork – a cork, which appeared in Nature, more than 60 million years ago. His bark is unique in its kind. She was withdrawn from the tree without bringing harm to it every 9-11 years. First to apply the bark of cork oak were the ancient civilization of Rome and Greece, who used it to plug amphorae, making fishing nets, sandals and roofs of their homes, Tube light, fire resistant and does not change its properties in water. How is tube? Cork oak grows in the seven countries of the Western Mediterranean. Largest producer of cork is Portugal.

Every nine years in the hottest months of summer cork with special tools stripped by hand. Cork tree has a special property: the outer layer of the cortex, takes away, is restored. A lifetime of cork oak from 100 to 150 years. After removing the bark of left to dry for three months. Then, in the factory tube was boiled in water with special additives to impart additional resilience and flexibility.

Eventually, the cork is cut into sheets, ready for sale. Tube as a finishing material is still exotic. And yet, this rare and certainly remarkable for its properties, the material has already captured the minds of designers. Perhaps the tube in its interior should use those radeet for environmental cleanliness of their apartment. This is not some linoleum or laminate (certainly have many advantages), it has enough high price of finishing material consistent with its quality characteristics. For the tube has a reputation for a material with unique durable and heat and soundproofing qualities.