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Contact Lenses General Provisions

Posted on July 7, 2023 in News

Contact lenses can be divided into hard and soft. Rigid lenses are used when necessary to achieve the maximum visual acuity in the dark or in individual cases, when you need a special approach to vision correction (High degree of astigmatism, the irregular shape of the cornea, etc.). They are stronger than soft and less prone to protein deposits. Hard contact lenses are made only to order. Soft contact lenses have good permeability and are suitable for most patients.

High water content which provides the comfort of wearing. Required corneal oxygen emerges through the thickness of soft contact lenses. If contact lenses made from polymers containing silicone, moisture content less important, as such materials allow oxygen better than water. The main parameters characterizing the contact lenses are the optical power, basic curvature of the lens diameter, the thickness at the center, the coefficient of gas permeability, optical zone size, material and method of manufacture. In the case of astigmatism for eyesight correction using toric contact lenses to characteristics which are added and the cylinder axis. Specialist contact correction of sight will help you choose the best options in each case that the lens is not uncomfortable to wear. Correctly selected contact lenses are practically invisible and do not cause foreign body sensation in the eye. Besides the optical lens, whose mission – vision correction, there are also cosmetic (correct eye defects), fine (Enhance or change natural eye color), color (change eye color), carnival (with printed patterns on them), therapeutic (used in the treatment of the cornea).