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Concrete Material

Posted on August 23, 2018 in News

Coloring choose to taste. How to choose laminate flooring laminate If you should pay attention to one of his most important characteristics – durability. It is defined the class material. The higher it is, the greater the durability of laminate. Classes 21-22.

Designed for areas with small loads. Best suitable for living rooms: living room, bedroom, detskoy.Klass 23. Suitable for utility rooms with high loads: an entrance hall, kuhni.Klassy 31-32. Applies to public areas of the average load: conference rooms, classrooms, offices, reception, butikah.Klass 33. Designed for areas with the highest loads and with more people: the shops, gyms, bars.

Carpet walk home barefoot, regardless of the season – such pleasure can afford, or the owners of underfloor heating, fans, or carpets. And if the first option is not available to all, the second – affordable to many. Unlike carpet, carpet covers the entire floor surface. Most often this material is monochromatic or has a shallow and repetitive pattern. By the undoubted advantages of carpeting can be attributed comfort and warmth that it creates, as well as good sound insulation. Carpeting made from natural or synthetic materials, or the same from their mixture. Laying of the cover, though it seems at first glance a very simple affair, may require professional assistance. That the material does not slide, it should be firmly and properly braced. More straightforward in laying the so-called carpet tiles. Coverage sliced squares (50 x 50 cm). This material is generally more dense and therefore durable than rolled carpet. Bedroom, decorated in pastel shades can be made even cozier with the carpet of beige, peach or pale pink. Thanks to this solution you will not need additional items to decorate the room decor. Picking the color of carpeting, consider the proportions and room lighting. For example, bright floor in combination with dark walls will effectively see only a large well-lit room. But for a small space I choose light-colored coating. Bedroom suit with soft carpeting and a high pile. Under such floor so nice to walk barefoot! Fashionable in our time the concrete is still "cold" material. "Insulate" its small mat, similar to the spring grass. The combination of these different materials will make interior room unique. Carpet colors of eggplant and bright orange walls. More "appetizing" theme for the dining area is difficult to imagine.