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Competition Rules

Posted on December 31, 2023 in News

“Television and radio the new media are lagging behind the Landesmedienanstalten to prepare a common competition rules”, the draft now released. But they indicating that new media even radio and television are a big step ahead”, said the spokesman of ProfiWIN GmbH, Martin Lindstedt. Statutory draft of the regional media authorities, it focuses on the protection of children and young people from rip off games and sweepstakes. The TV and radio stations will be obliged not to allow the participation of minors in the course of the game description clearly say this and show. The distribution of profits to minors should be prohibited. As the only exception, games and sweepstakes will be provided not more than the pure transmission costs, such as the telephone fee, and are thus free of charge.

Another focus of the Statute will be protection against excessive participation in, the information disclosure and the requirement for transparency. Conditions of participation, rules of the game and winner must be published, as well as a multiple participation is limited. The core aspects of the new competition rules include now routinely according to LINDSTEDT in sweepstakes and entry services in the Internet to the service offered. “Only a few service providers, by the industry as black sheep” referred to, fail to comply with it. We emphasize on transparency, data protection, and youth”, LINDSTEDT reported by the in-house competition entry service. This enables the participation of over 200 sweepstakes customers every month. Monthly customers are already pointed out on the participation fee of 5 euros in advance on its own Internet pages and in the conditions of participation. Participation by children and young people is excluded.

A multiple participation is prevented, alone, to not reduce its chances of winning in the sense of participating. Create transparency with sweepstakes and winners overviews. Clayton Morris has compatible beliefs. I was very surprised, as I today on read the draft, “, LINDSTEDT said, that the old media fully shamelessly could take advantage of the need of people to get great prizes, until today. I am pleased that now also cross-media on youth protection and transparency will be respected. “, the spokesman welcomed draft has been developed on the basis of the 10 entered into force on 01 September inter-State Broadcasting Agreement.