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Claws Platform Expands

Posted on March 26, 2019 in News

JOBkralle, IMMOkralle and AUTOkralle for complete D-A-CH space are you of the various platforms occurred? There are general search engines, such as Google and the like and are heading. The exchanges are very specific and offer only a fraction of the total offer the user, while search engines like Google and co are too general and interested parties not lead to the desired product. The various claws”set exactly in between, offering users a search engine technology in conjunction with a rubric of stock exchange. And how long did it take from the idea to the implementation? 2004 2003 beginning of the development of idea and with online we went 2005 2007 was added. Please describe the various platforms, explain with which you started and why it was necessary to extend the offer. We have started out with the JOBkralle from the motivation, that in own circle of desire after such service available and in Austria nothing comparable on the market to find was. This first platform have been awarded both the users and companies.

For this reason, it was obvious to translate the concept to other headings. So was the IMMOkralle. After this offer was well received, we are now in the final preparations for the launch of AUTOkralle. Which markets do you offer your service and has anything changed over the years? Currently JOB – and IMMOkralle are designed on the Austrian market, where the JOBkralle now also in Germany ( and Switzerland ( works. With launch of AUTOkralle, we extend the offer for the German-speaking world.

When and why did you decide about the extension of the offer? The Austrian market is ideally suited to gain experience. Because of its size, the whole German-speaking area is more lucrative. Here, only minor technical applications are necessary to make the offer available. For other, non-German speaking countries, there is the problem of Language barriers. Why the categories of jobs, real estate, and cars? Because these three areas frequently encounter every human life; It is simple to classic themes that that’s why content accessible in many magazines. We do not limit ourselves but on these three areas or the German-speaking world! How the company is structured and organized? Still, the hierarchy is flat, what is related to the size of the company. This fact makes us but also very flexible. Eng. Gernot Taschler and I manage the company and behind each heading an own team of experts, specifically designed to work. We grow steadily and demand. What are the plans for the future? For 2010, it is planned to combine the platforms under a heading. Another goal for the future is the top search engine in those countries to be quite sure, in which we are represented.