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Posted on February 4, 2013 in News

I do not need dear you. He is this same, I I do not need to be with you to feel total happy, for the opposite, the pleasure to me of the freedom to make what I want I am more flavorful than to be chained to somebody that he does not know to give value to me. He finds that I really need to pass therefore? To aturar you in its lunar phases, that to one love me day and in the other I do not mean nothing. Ah! Not necessary of this, I am full of qualities, and if you still did not perceive, other faces you give to much more value my attributions. He thought that I went to cry, to bind the day all, to order messages the night all saying babaquices that before I wrote swearing that you would give the minimum value. I exceeded my fear of the solitude and perceived that it has a full world of chances call that me and that I know there that, my value is high, well more precious of what affection crumbs that you demonstrated for me.

It caught me now to madness, the headquarters to use to advantage. Everything became so clearly and so good later that I gave account that idiotic quo was being losing time with you. It wants to know of a thing? I am loving this mixture of feelings that after arose in me that drastic episode that leaves the tears in the street, later that had talked with you. The insanity of my heart making me to this to enxergar the life for another angle, angle that if dimmed during the time that next to you I had canine tooth. I took off the chains arrested that me to this love that deluded me day-by-day, desamarrei the ropes that me landed on water you, and can be certain that never more I will be impregnated in its shoulder lamenting my errors, therefore played stop backwards these rusted handcuffs and that it will serve so that arrests another young woman deluded for its promises of? forever? , but I, will only go to live and to live with intensity, not being thankful each as that I cried locked in my room, therefore the tears that one day I spilled will become in smiles that I broke I will esbanjarei it of today.