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Posted on March 12, 2014 in News

Anniversary celebration and prelude to the Telethon from 18:00 flocked November 16, 2012 on Friday, employees and guests in the business premises of the celebrant behind the Goetheplatz. Where else all about buying and selling of houses, apartments and plots, whose actors rotates, the anniversary ceremony was held. As previously announced, context and scope of the celebration were elected modestly. It was the humanitarian aspect in the Centre of attention. The first donation the charity action series was passed after an entertaining speech of the company’s founder and proprietor to history and philosophy. Ingo Gerschlauer have reached the donation cheque on the MGS CEO Ulf Millauer, who was present at this evening as a representative of the charity DESWOS. DESWOS is a, founded in the 1970s by German housing business, humanitarian aid organisation. She is committed to the fight against housing shortage and poverty in developing countries.

In particular, the DESWOS project of Jinotepe is with this donation in Nicaragua supports the concept of help to self-help is based on. The inhabitants around Jinotepe not only suffer from extreme poverty, but are also affected by floods and earthquakes. A total of 80 families get help through the construction of houses, whose construction themselves contribute. They gain mechanical skills, later securing the maintenance of houses, as well as future livelihood. One of these houses has now completely Gerschlauer properties enabled.

The buffet of the evening enjoying all the senses. Delivered, the Haute-cuisine had the Munich training restaurant Roecklplatz, which is involved in the vocational training of disadvantaged young people. The choice of caterers already fulfilled the social claims of the evening, stressed this aspect through additional funding of the education sector Gerschlauer real estate: donation number 2 Erwin j. shimmer and Karl Blochl of the basic idea, construction carrier company active in Munich and Ingolstadt, declared spontaneously, the donation project, that this evening the beginning took to support. Also Stefan Endres of the HI-residential building in Munich announced a contribution. We will report on our homepage about the further course of the fundraiser.