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Posted on August 22, 2013 in News

Car loans – an outlet for those who for so long wanted to buy a car, but could not collect the necessary sum of money. Today, companies that are profiled on a lot of car loans, and that's not counting the banks, programs that provide for the purchase of a car on credit on their own behalf. Pros companies that provide services for car loans is that you can get a loan quickly and with minimum documents also can take advantage of additional services. However, purchasing a car on credit, a number of features, and credit conditions largely depend on what you buy a car brand, new Pre-Owned vehicle, or as an individual or a legal person, etc. Consider some of the issues of car loans. So, as a rule the standard terms for car loans (through) the following: – decisions on loans: quick loans – 1 hour, classical – 4:00 – car loan is available to all Russian citizens with a permanent source of income – an initial payment of 10% of the cost of a car – pay your down payment old car – the possibility of paying CTP and Hull with a loan – car loan term up to 7 years with an option for early repayment. And now, the specific issues that arise when buying a car on credit. First question that arises when purchasing a car on credit, whose property he is to repay the loan.

Is it the property of the bank. The car that you bought on car loan program is the property of the buyer (borrower entered into PTAs, and not the bank), the car will be to provide the loan and the contract with the bank becomes the key to full repayment of the loan. Bank it usually requires Hull design and deposited in the bank of the original passport of the vehicle to repay the loan. The next question is more about the advertising. As a rule, some brochures and commercials stating that you can buy a car on credit with no down payment. Auto loans with no down payment does not happen. Even if you say they do not have to pay the first installment, it usually means that the CTP and Hull you pay from its own resources. To get the car loan must be paid 10% of the cars (of course more is better), in addition to these programs provide an opportunity to include car loans and the cost of CTP in CASCO loan amount. Questions are raised and in terms of credit. The maximum term car loan – five years, very seldom given credit for seven years.