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Canal Ship

Posted on April 19, 2012 in News

The optimal solution recovery trucks, pushers transport concern "Mayer-group" achieved by an integrated approach using new technological solutions in relation to transport aspects of the operation of ships in order to get, figuratively speaking, large new vehicles at the lowest cost possible and time. The basis selected renovation of the old ship, the main idea which is that the main body with all communications, providing vital functions of the ship and its movement can and should be better still for quite a long time. In this case, along with technical issues in aggregate goals, take into account economics, management and the basis of planned and anticipated freight. Housing renovated ship, which preserved the old name, consists of three parts: the aft end of the parent vessel, built in 60-70s, such as Klosterneuburg, Straubing width of 9.5 meters from the accommodation superstructure and engine room sections, such as SL-17 000 ', built in 70-80s years, a width of 11 meters and new cylindrical inserts of the same width of 11 meters and 24 meters in length, are welded together in a special way. The new cylindrical insert is made of metal thickness 8 mm, slightly thicker than the worn out time, the body section and the rear part of the old ship. The residual thickness of the metal casing section and aft on the results of flaw measurement ranges from 6 to 8 mm after more than 20 to 30 years operating on the Danube. As a result of this modernization has increased the length of the hull from 80 to 113.5 meters, which led to the fact that the dimensions of the vessel, convoy were almost comparable to the size of navigable waterways to section of the Upper Danube Canal Rhine-Main-Danube Canal.