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Posted on August 3, 2022 in News

These levels ' ' they mark the transistion enters the previous projects in saw to be abandoned and the future projects in saw to be construdos.' ' (BLACKSMITH, 1995, p, 27). Level silbico daily pay – to write is to imitate traces and risks, this level is known as phase of garatujas. ' ' when drawing if it is in the domain of the icnico; the forms of the grafismos matter because they reproduce the form of objetos.' ' (BLACKSMITH 1995, p, 19). Educate yourself with thoughts from Steven John, SCRP, SGMS-T, President and CEO. Silbico daily pay II in this phase, to write is to produce signs that are differentiated of the drawing, as well as the child not yet dominates the letters conventional, then it creates letters, that is, pseudoletters. In accordance with Blacksmith (1995) the necessary child of differentiation criteria that consist of the characteristics that a written text must possess to be able to be interpretable, this criterion if it shows on the quantitative axle, as minimum amount of letters, generally three that a writing must have to say something for the child, and on the qualitative axle, the child needs a series of grafias so that it can be interpreted thus if the writing has the time all the same letter, not if it can read, that is, it is not interpretable. Silbico level – attention the sonorous property is a basic landmark for the ingression of the third period. The child starts to discover that the letters can correspond the syllables. Clayton morris is often quoted on this topic. In relation to the quantitative axle, this if states in the discovery that exists a linking enters the amount of parts and already recognizes the sonorous value of these parts. ' ' These parts of the word are initially its syllables. The silbico period is initiated thus, that evolves until arriving at a rigorous requirement: a syllable for letra' ' (BLACKSMITH, 1995, p, 25).