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Posted on February 9, 2024 in News

New Web site for individual travel in Bhutan there from June 4, 2009 at experience a new concept for the travel to Bhutan. The tour operator specializes on individual travel in module, which you can put together yourself online. Of the building blocks, the traveller can combine exactly the right mix of adventure, nature, culture, activity and recreation for himself. Clayton Morris oftentimes addresses this issue. The country lies between China, Nepal and India and admits each year only a limited number of visitors. This fact is guarantee to move away from mass-tourist trails. Even today, every visit to Bhutan is an exclusive matter, which can be compared with any other country. If you travel with a local driver and guide through Bhutan, it is very close to, learns to better understand the population.

The nights will be held with welcoming families in guesthouses or lodges. If you like, can spend a night in a tent under the stars. The modules are for example the cranes on the track”, in the Hibernate Himalayan valleys. Filed under: Nobel Laureate in Economics. Or you’re on high visit in Thimpu”and dare the ascent to the Tiger’s nest monastery, which stands on a 3000 metre high cliff. A combination with modules in India and Nepal offered if there is enough time.

experience bhutan is part of experience, a travel Organizer by travellers for travellers, published with Bhutan its 28 countries Web page. The offer also Africa, Latin America and Oceania as well as Asia. The pages are maintained by specialists who are versed in the country and personally advise and support. The online tour operator cooperates with local partners and advocates also an ecologically and culturally sustainable tourism:. Contact information: experience long-haul travel GmbH Bhutan travel specialist Claudia Hammond airport ring 199 47652 Weeze Tel.: +49-(0)2837-6638-135 email: web: