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Be Wary Of

Posted on September 13, 2018 in News

Beware of "fake" parts! What does this mean? This means that the fake parts are not worked out, and half of the promised deadline. Increases the risk that the 'new parts Ural' fail at the critical moment and well, if Ural loaded at this point would not be anywhere in the taiga, or at the mine for hundreds of kilometers from the Repair Base or service center. What is a fake spare parts for automobiles Ural? The worst option: spare parts have already spent his time going from landfills, are moving "crazy hands" in the garage. Outwardly, they attached presentation, washed, rend, "blasting". For example: gearbox or axle outwardly indistinguishable from new parts These Parts selling phony company, possibly in large quantities and at the lowest prices. If you have any claims to seek firm-supplier does not make sense – not! Bad option: Firm engaged in sale of spare parts Urals buys from the population used spare parts, touches, or enumerates units and components. Suggests gloss and sells under the guise of new ones – the factory.

Of course, there's a chance that you will fall, albeit second-hand, but the working parts. Claims supplier swept aside with the words – "You are half a year went to our spare parts You never know what you do with them do not properly exploited etc. Option "adaptation": a company involved in the sale of spare parts for automobiles Ural, buying at low prices, such as spare parts to the car Ural 375 (these parts are constantly falling in price due to the age of the chassis), reworks them into modern car brands, and sells the Urals as the original. This option is all smaller and smaller place, as an experienced eye defines rework even when ordering Option "good linden": spare parts for cars are bought from the Ural temporary storage facilities (army storage, warehousing organizations ), spare parts attached to the gloss, and sold. This variant differs from previous ones in that 80% of these parts is really new, not to use the spare parts. But they were released from 50 to 10 years ago. Yes, they were inhibited and lay the whole period of the grease (thank warehouses nc USSR), but that these parts really need to have earned quite a complicated procedure .

Parse canned parts, to remove from its components and assemblies preservative, check the "old age", to replace the rubber and plastic parts, build anew, to stand trial. Not only a supplier admits that these parts did not pass . Option "no phoney, and economy": Ural parts are bought from warehouses of temporary storage. Discarded old or not stored on gost parts. Parts really are moving, some units and units are changed to new and changing all the rubber components regardless of their appearance. Conducted bench tests to verify quality. The supplier guarantees the quality of spare parts, indicating a specific point in the supply agreement. This is the most viable option.