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Basement Apartments

Posted on April 5, 2014 in News

Apartments on ground floors are often offered as a potential opportunity to translate it into a fund and non-residential use as an office or shop. How to approach this issue from the perspective of marketing planning. Does any flat on the first floor is suitable for use on commercial real estate? We consider this issue as an example of real estate in Kharkov. For most commercial uses of 2, 3 BR. Apartments with an area of 50 m2. In such facilities may be located offices (as intended for a large number of visitors, and "quiet"), shops, business services (hairdressers, dry cleaners, etc.). To measure the compliance of the object commercial real estate measure of passenger traffic (the number of people passing by the property a day), the level of proximity to major transportation hubs. Also highlight the level of business activity region (the presence of administrative, office buildings, commercial properties, etc.).

Assess the level of urban migration (migration is low when sleeping area, and by the property are held every day residents of one district, high in the center – when past the property may be held with people across the city, visitors). For commercial real estate offices for client the most important factor is the proximity to the center (Where highest level of business activity). For "quiet" offices, which do not involve a large number of visitors per day, the main factor is accessibility. However, the district must have a high level business activity. (Areas near Metro stations, "Zhukova," "Moskovsky Prospect," "them.

Maselskogo A.", "Ak.Pavlova", "Student", "23 August", "Botanical Garden", "Square uprising") . Also, if a company's activity associated with the production or brokering office may be located in the industrial area. Here the main factor is the proximity of a large warehouse or manufacturing, proximity to the subway is minor factor, but it should be easy automobile access. For commercial real estate and facilities services. Convenience stores high-price group, clothing stores, luxury goods, are located in the center, where home to a large number of people with high incomes, as well as the day goes a lot of people, and high levels of urban migration. For non-food stores, clothing stores, hairdressers who are not located in the center, close to metro factor or to the central commercial facility is of prime importance.