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Bank Prepayment

Posted on January 23, 2019 in News

This means often more favourable terms for the fixed portion of the loan. The short interest rate (3 months) of the flexible part may be but at the same time advantages and disadvantage: interest rate cuts decreases the burden on the borrower, increases he faces the decision to take a greater burden in favor of expanded special repayment options in buying or yet again to avoid this and to enter a new long-term commitment (which is then usually with a disadvantage). Planning security is thus reduced by possible fluctuations in interest rates. Therefore the possibilities of regular annuity loan should be scrutinized in advance: often can be arranged even special repayment options to “conventional” annuity loans up to certain limits without deterioration of the condition. However, is the simple default flexible loan parts without additional costs. However, a long-term interest rate annuity loan terminated, charged by the Bank Prepayment penalties. Other forms of loan with flexible proportions can be: the CAP loan which represents a variable loan with the agreed interest rate ceilings. This, however, usually an interest-rate premium is calculated.

The Flex’s loan, which makes available the full loan amount as a variable loan (orientation on the 3-month EURIBOR). A right of conversion into a loan with long-term nominal interest rate is given. Basically, this loan is only suitable when falling interest rates is expected. Conclusion combination loan can be a good choice if the borrower has legitimate reasons for a part flexible loan. A larger sum is expected in the near future, a special repayment agreement for a long-term bound loan usually only premiums is possible. The interest incurred for the flexible part can cause but later an unfavourable development of market a total increase. Also, the binding to the Bank is increased by increasing the flexibility of the part: target namely later but in a long term bound loan is converted, will this cause with other banks very substantial premiums, because already there is a such a loan. More information Combi loan – high flexibility at moderate interest burden construction loans – individual forms of financing