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Axel Ackermann Procedure

Posted on April 9, 2019 in News

This obligation is already in many water conservation. Damage in a leaky There are primarily two ways to fix drain pipe. Either the entire front yard and basement sole be dug up (open design) to the land border and renewed the whole drain pipe. Or there is a pipe with the help of the so-called reading procedure. Pipe renovation, digging up is eliminated. Diagnosis and treatment usually performed the cleaning opening of the drain pipe (e.g.

in the cellar). Then, a special tube is pulled into the old outlet pipe, which later forms the new inner wall of the drain pipe. A thorough pipeline cleaning and TV inspection, so a drain camera inspection, are imperative through the House power cable before the actual leak test. This preparatory work be carried out normally without excavation and intervention in the building. We inspect and measure the entire drainage tube with the tube camera. Thus we determine exactly the damage image of drain pipes, at the same time, we measured any taps or arches”, describes the Axel Ackermann Procedure.

Most of the drain pipe damage can be identified by the TV inspection. Then, the drain on its tightness is tested by the drain pipe is closed on both sides and with air or water pressure. A possible pressure drop indicates that the drain pipe to any section is broken and repaired or restored are must. The special hoses for the liner pipe renovation usually consist of a coated polyester needle felt. It is impregnated with a two-component resin and into the existing drain pipe need of refurbishment length then with compressed air or water. Depending on the procedure, the resin is chemically cured after a few hours and the liner will speak to the tube in the tube. This requires”as Dipl.-ing. Hans-Jurgen Stadler, that the old drain pipe has still his pipe static and not already collapsed.