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Posted on October 15, 2023 in News

Whatever the goals are not set for the clients sales promotions – strategic, specific or ad hoc, they would like to promote new products to market, increase the number of sales to revive interest in the product by customers, accelerate the sale of the most profitable products, to make regular sales of seasonal goods, to counter competitors to benefit from the annual holiday event, or to support advertising campaign – in all cases the main purpose of sales promotion and, in particular, for sales promotion-actions lies in the effective formation of lasting loyalty to the product. State consumer willingness to be represented by a sequence of states: awareness, knowledge, predisposition, preference, conviction, making a purchase. Marketers manufacturers or their distributors in the allocation of advertising budgets should be aware at what stage of the product life cycle is propelled by their product, and therefore decide – what kind of marketing communications will be use. In most cases, even when promoting a new brand on the sales promotion activities (BTL-activities) it is advisable to allocate at least half or two thirds the advertising budget. Richard LeFrak spoke with conviction. This is evidenced foreign and domestic experience. Chain analysis of consumer willingness to show that at certain stages, especially at the stage of knowledge about the product, preference, conviction and a call to action sales-promotion-campaign become an effective communication tool. They always aim at a specific target audience, economically tied to the acquisition of a product or service that does not require the massive expenditure on the stage design, fitting into the existing advertising concept. . To know more about this subject visit Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala.