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Advantages And Disadvantages Of New Construction

Posted on March 1, 2019 in News

Repair kvartirynovostroyki is one of the most spectacular and expensive activities associated with repair of the finished apartment, and absolutely does not matter where is your residential real estate or an apartment in new buildings Moscow and Moscow region a new or remote region. In any case, construction workers in order to reduce the cost of construction and maximize profits like sin, and as a result of the buyer gets an apartment renovation in which takes the lion's share of time and a lot of money, sometimes not bringing that self-gratification, which is supposed to be in this process. And feedback from a huge hassle, now and in the future, when a couple of years new building will shrink, bringing tears wallpaper and cracks in the walls. So the simple repairs that you planned to do, turns into a global construction services since finishing room builders, or not done, or done out of the hands is bad. This naturally does not mean that we should refuse to purchase new buildings, because it has many other advantages, but you need to decide in what form you want to get it. If originally planned global repair, you should not worry about roughing and finishing..