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Posted on June 13, 2013 in News

PROTECTION by CESSATION of activity of the self-employed / to the plenary of the Congress of Deputies approved Bill that sets a specific protection by cessation of activity system permanently to self-employed workers, which incorporates a new non contributory 425 euros per month for six months for the self-employed, that being unemployed do not receive any State aid. The new provision, has retroactive effect from January 1, 2009 and goes to those workers whose average family income per person does not exceed 75% of the minimum inter-professional wage (SMI) and which have been quoted in the special scheme for self-employed workers three of the past five years. WHICH declare the VAT each quarter there will be companies and the self-employed and autonomous must include in their statements on the value added tax (VAT) of all invoices for the quarter without its being possible to move them to other statements later in the period, as he came a common practice until now. This situation which will force us to collect and issue invoices at time, is consequence of the resolution of the economic Administrative Court (TEAC), of 29 June, that have undone the criterion of annual liquidation was carried out as usual since the beginning of this tribute. MORE information on: my BLOG: my website: Hello! I believe that this course you may be interested. It’s a 30 day challenge in which you receive a daily free lesson in your mail to learn how to negotiate better and become a great trade in such! only 30 days greetings!